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Thai Massage in jaipur
Thai Massage

By Kiyora Spa Jaipur

Picturing a massage might conjure up images of laying underneath a sheet with relaxing music playing in the background while a massage therapist gently rubs your back with nice smelling oils. While this is more-or-less true for many massage modalities, a Thai massage is completely different.

The Thai massage originated in Thailand, and many people describe as a mix between yoga and massage. It uses stretching and slow, rhythmic compression along the body’s energy lines, known as sens.

Thai massage therapists use many parts of their body - their thumbs, palms, elbows, and even feet and knees - to pull, press, and stretch the body. This is done to loosen the joints and relax the body. Also, it is said to unblock energy along the sen pathways.

If you’ve never had a Thai massage, you should read carefully to understand more about what to expect:

  • Attire. First, unlike many massage types, you remained fully clothed during a Thai massage. The therapist may offer you special clothing to wear, or suggest you come in loose fitting attire.

  • Location. Next, the massage may take place on massage table or maybe on a floor mat. This is to give the massage therapist more flexibility in performing the stretches on your body.

  • Techniques. The techniques used in a Thai massage are also quite different. The compressions are performed very slowly and cover the entire body from the feet all the way up to the head and face. It is a combination of massage and also passive stretching – this means that the massage therapist will stretch your body for you.

  • Length. A full, traditional session of Thai massage can be up to two or even three hours. However, many spas offer a shorter 60 minute version.