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Chocolate Massage in jaipur
Chocolate Massage

By Kiyora Spa Jaipur

For years, men and women go to sauna and massage parlors to have massage treatment using oils, lotions, powder and other essences. Through the years, dermatologists and scientists have discovered new ingredients and formulations for use in massage parlors and spas like mud, gold, honey and oatmeal. Are you aware of the latest hype in sauna parlors and massage centers nowadays? Did you know that chocolate is not only used as comfort food but in massage parlors as well.

Apart from these advantages to your health, dermatologists also discovered that chocolate is advantageous to use in massaging our body because of its high antioxidant levels, tryptophan, minerals and vitamins which are good to the skin. Studies show that the chemical substances found in chocolate lets you relax and feel good, comparable to eating chocolates.

Benefits of using chocolate on the skin include:

  • Did you know that the theobromine content of chocolate helps burn fat and eliminate unwanted cellulite.

  • Its polyphenol contains anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties.

  • It contains glycerides which contain lipids and fats used to moisturize, to plump and to firm your skin.

  • It contains calcium, potassium and magnesium needed for cell renewal and growth.

  • It has a calming effect that reduces stress and makes your muscles feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

  • It reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and stretch marks.

  • It improves the texture of your skin.

  • It removes harmful radicals caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays of the sun, dust, wind and other harmful substances found in the air.

  • It leaves your skin glowing, fresh and younger looking.